SEO Services
Marketing for growth

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is anything you do to maximize the visibility of your website in a search engine. Generally when we are talking about SEO we are talking about optimizing a website or web-service for search engines.

Why is SEO important? 87% of shoppers start with an online search.

SEO Services / Strategy

A great SEO strategy is the backbone to a site that ranks well in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine for that matter. Our approach has not tricks, no magic we use methods that simply work. We will make a scan of the situation, determine the goals of the company and of the online marketing, create a strategy and implement it together with you.

As they say “it is not rocket sience” but it needs to be done well in order to work. That is the thing about Online marketing. The analysis will take place in the form of a SEO Audit and the whole process will look something like the stream below.


SEO Services / Retainer

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Unlike some companies like to think. This is because ranking factors are constantly changing as well as the needs of your site visitors and potential clients.The SEO retainer makes sure that you are always on top of SEO.
The wordpress retainer comes in three different packages, bronze, silver and gold. This is depending on your needs and budget. We are more than happy to inform you about the exact specifications of all the packages below. 
Next to a SEO retainer, if you are running a WordPress site you could be considering a WordPress retainer to keep your site safe, protected from hacks and up to date.


SEO Services / Keyword Research

What are the words you want your business to be found with in Google. This is a very important question. If you rank well for a word that nobody searches for it is equally bad as ranking bad for words that you do want to be found for. With a Keyword research you will know where you can be competitive and thus which keywords you should use on your website. 


SEO Services / Audit

A SEO Audit is a scan of your website based on ranking criteria and a competitor analysis aimed at giving an insight on which factors to improve on. Until relatively recently SEO experts tended to look at what was “technically wrong” with a site and then improve all the technical “defects”. Nowadays the insight is that high ranking competors are more important to look at to see what they are doing right and according to search engines ranks them better.

The difference between this and the old method is that instead of correcting blindly your might be mistakes that you now correct what you know that ranks well.