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It is a long established fact that you will not reach the #1 spot in anything by yourself. Y-ise Digital Marketing is here to help. You can see us as a coach a trainer, getting you fitter and in a better fighting form on the internet. From our base in Hamburg we are your gateway to the world!

What we do

We will take every aspect of your companies Digital Marketing to the next level


Getting to the top of the ranks is our expertise. With over 5 years of experience and clients in every imaginable branch, we are ready to take on almost any challenge. Getting your company found is our passion.


Keyword research

Knowing what keywords to use can be a huge advantage in the market today. Say you want to sell Paintings, do people look for the word paintings or is there more behind it? We will find out for you.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Knowing your goals is one thing, but tactics and the strategy to lead to that goal are key in winning over the internet for your company. We can advise your company on your best possible strategy.


You already have the men power on board to implement things? Y-ise Digital Marketing can advise you on what you should and should not do. We always research the best options for you.

Web Design

From a simple one-pager to fully custom sites. Everything is possible on special request. For pages made by Y-ise Digital marketing, we have special maintainance packages.


Search Engine advertisement is done on special request of a customer. This all depends on the complexity and structurization of the existing Advertisement accounts.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

The strenght of Y-ise is to come up with solutions for new problems, creating new ideas of how to tackle these and to think outside of the box.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects



Y-ise Y-ise Digital Marketing Hamburg SEA Online MArketing SEO Y-ise Online MArketing SEO

Why we are different

We do not look at a customer as merely a source of income, we care for our customers and care about a long-term relationship. Digital Marketing agency based in Hamburg wants you to grow and therefore we like to look to strategy and tactics together with your own marketing efforts to make these fit as best as possible to your needs and wants.

Our approach is client orientated trying to fit our knowledge into your company. Where Y-ise will always keep up to date with the latest in the online marketing world. Our approach is agile and flexible and not steeped in a deep-rooted tradition of “how things should be done.” The reason for this is simple.

In a fast-paced world, you can not become a traditionalist, you have to keep up the pace to be able to get a step ahead and that is exactly what we are doing from our base in Hamburg.

Our Skills

In the Digital Marketing world there is many skills involved here you can see some of ours showcased represented by bar counters.

With the launch of Y-ise the agency mainly focussed on SEO and SEA through which we learned that the customer had a particular interest in Digital Marketing Strategy. This meant a longer-term and more sustainable connection with the customer. Keeping web design in focus as an extension of digital marketing practices. We can make a site well known on the internet, but with a bad design, you will still not reap the full benefits. SEA or search engine advertisement is used by many firms now a days to supplement their organic traffic as well as a strategt for Branding or Sales on its own.

  • SEO – 90%
  • Digital Marketing Strategy – 85%
  • Web Design – 80%
  • SEA – 75%
Y-ise Digital Marketing Hamburg SEA Online MArketing SEO Y-ise Online MArketing SEO

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