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Are you still in the inferno of a low page rank in Google? Is nobody visiting your website? Then you came to the right place, Y-ise Digital Marketing is here to help you with all of your Online Marketing needs. Take a look around and feel free to consult us any time.

Our passion is your success!

We create custom SEO strategies fit to your company, your marketing plan and goals. Ranking high is not our only worry, creating a good online reputation as well as increasing relevant visitors and revenue is our mission. Sustainability is important to us and the use of “White-hat” SEO techniques only. We don’t buy links or promise quick wins.

Every company is different and has different needs in SEO from that perspective we are data driven yet creative. Our SEO strategies are no magic trick or have any kind of Special sauce. We learnt what does and does not work, transparency is key here. Ask us anything!

Digital marketing is more than buying your way in or ramming keywords on to your site. Your content has to be “Lit” and your SEO has to be “Tight”. We make sure to do everything we can to get you on top. Interested?

We look forward to meeting you!

Yves van Boxtel - Digital Marketer

“We are fond of SEO and with a passion for Data driven as well as Creative Digital Marketing we want your company to be able to grow!”

Do You Want Your Brand To Have Greater Reach?


A SEO audit, a Digital Marketing consult, backlinking or a SEO Strategy for your company?

Social Media

Social Media Calender or social media management? setting social media advertisement ?


Setting up Dashboards, consulting, measuring, Analyzing, Installing google Tag manager. Measuring your results

Email Marketing

A campaign with Mailchimp? Increasing your reach, having a newsletter? Creating relevant content?


In Dutch, English, Spanish and German. For the best texts.

Customer Service

Customers are your lifeblood. What services do they expect?

Web Development

A new website, redisign, more functionality or other wishes?

Brand Design & Strategy

Great design and brand image for your company.


Installation, Plugin assistance, 500 error, Hacked website and more..

Search Ads

With SEA or PPC advertising you can reach a targeted group for a specific product or service.

Do it yourself SEO

With a little help of Y-ise you can do many SEO things yourself. For the more technically able.

Site Security Consulting

Getting hacked too much? Are your employees using 123 as a password? 
Do you need  2FA?

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

The strenght of Y-ise is to come up with solutions for new problems, creating new ideas of how to tackle these and to think outside of the box. Constant development and trainings are part of the company identity.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects



Y-ise Y-ise Digital Marketing Hamburg SEA Online MArketing SEO Y-ise Online MArketing SEO

Why we are different

We do not look at a customer as merely a source of income, we care for our customers and care about a long-term relationship. Digital Marketing agency based in Hamburg wants you to grow and therefore we like to look to strategy and tactics together with your own marketing efforts to make these fit as best as possible to your needs and wants.

Our approach is client orientated trying to fit our knowledge into your company. Where Y-ise will always keep up to date with the latest in the online marketing world. Our approach is agile and flexible and not steeped in a deep-rooted tradition of “how things should be done.” The reason for this is simple.

In a fast-paced world, you can not become a traditionalist, you have to keep up the pace to be able to get a step ahead and that is exactly what we are doing from our base in Hamburg.

Our Skills

In the Digital Marketing world there is many skills involved here you can see some of ours showcased represented by bar counters.

With the launch of Y-ise the agency mainly focussed on SEO and SEA through which we learned that the customer had a particular interest in Digital Marketing Strategy. This meant a longer-term and more sustainable connection with the customer. Keeping web design in focus as an extension of digital marketing practices. We can make a site well known on the internet, but with a bad design, you will still not reap the full benefits. SEA or search engine advertisement is used by many firms now a days to supplement their organic traffic as well as a strategy for Branding or Sales on its own.

  • SEO – 90%
  • Digital Marketing Strategy – 92%
  • Web Design – 80%
  • SEA – 90%

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