How to Show Up on the First Page
of Google?

Yves van Boxtel

Founder of Y-ise
Digital Marketing

Getting the #1 spot
in Google

Nobody can promise the #1 position in Google, as a good Digital Marketeer and a good SEO Expert will know Google works with ever changing Algorithms, these keep you from attaining a 100% certainty that you get on top. These algorithms make Google better and make sure that you are getting crispy clean search results that are usable.  I forgot to mention… There is a reason why about less then 10% of the people click through to the second page of google.

Matt Cutts (head of the web spam team at Google)  giving some terrible advice about your SEO video by Sam Applegate

The first page of Google’s search results is the Holy Grail for marketers. But it does not stop there, now you want to stay there and believe me from that point the world gets way more competitive. Digital Marketers are off course proud when they get to the first page, especially when they reach that golden number 1 spot.  It is a crow to their work and efforts… But they are not there… not yet, staying there and staying there consistently is what is more important. It takes effort, patience as well as a hole load of cups of creativity not to slowly wander down towards that dreaded page two…

61% of all clicks go to the first 3 search results, so if you are on page 2 and beyond guess what is left of all those clicks you could have had. It starts to become irrelevant when somebody searches your flower company for example “Flowers in Swindon” and they find you on result #47. In that case, Google Traffic does (nearly) nothing for you. But give that to a good SEO and reach page 1 and you could just be back in Business.

Catherine Dix a professional Digital Marketer talking about Google search console and search marketing video by Web Profits

Getting there quickly with ads?

Advertising just gets 10% of clicks. Okay so you are on Google Ad-Words, are you profiting from that? Well, I can tell you who is… Google. It is kind of like a pyramid game Google Ad-Words. You make a nice ad, place your maximum bet and the one that has the best offer for Google gets to show first, second, second and you’ve guessed it third, third.

I hear you think, “It can’t be that easy” yet it almost is, and I say almost, there are more factors to consider, such as for which keywords, and Google’s “Quality score” but having a real insight on those is something a bit further out of the box for most people. Basically, the more money you pour in the more money others have to pour in. Some keywords go for over €50,- per click nowadays in the €50 to  €30 range are Insurance, Mortgage, Loan, Attorney. Lawyer, Claim, Donate, Degree, and Rehab.


How adwords works by St. Louis Digital Media

So how do you get on the top page of google? Hire a good online marketer, Digital Marketer or SEO expert. They can really help you get a better rank, their expertise is so valuable, this is why you want to avoid a too cheap online marketer or someone that just sends you an offer in bad English from x-y-z part of the world. Compare them to your lawyer, you do not want to go to jail, you have a difficult case, you pay a good lawyer a higher fee than a bad one. In the end you will be happy you chose a good one.

Want a head start or are you not having the money at the moment for hiring an expert, try some of the do it yourself online marketing that Y-ise Digital Marketing has prepared for you earlier. Given that you are technically gifted, this should get you some results at least.