SEO Tools
20 of seo’s finest

Below we have collected 20 prime tools to get your digital marketing adventure started. Some are free, some require a fee. These will give your DIY SEO a head start or can make you understand some of the tools we use.

Stay tuned and check back some time as this list will be updated constantly!

Remember that a good toolbox is important, but it is even more important that you know how to use the tools in your toolbox as well as knowing beforehand what you want to create!



WP Sec is a tool which scans If your WordPress site is secure or not. This comes in handy in checking if a site is vulnerable to attack or not. Keep in mind that even when a scan says it is safe you can still be hacked, the likeliness of the hack being successful is only less. This tool can come in handy as a first scan.

WP Sec

Another handy security test is an SSL test, or your encryption your https:// link, which is a must to have in 2019. The encryption also makes it harder to get sensitive data from your website, such as credit card data from your online customers. You can test your own SSL server with the following tool:

SSL Test

Technical factors

Testing the technical factors of how your site is working will help you with your on-site SEO. Understanding why your website is slow, or what you can do to improve it for your visitors (and search engines) is the first step toward improvement.

The HTML checker or W3C Validator is one way of checking for errors or unnecessary factors on your website, by eliminating errors and unnecessary script you can make sure that your site loads well in all browsers as well as speeding it up considerably.

W3C validator

Getting this kind of information from multiple sources can help you to improve even more, this you can do with the GT Metrix checker

GT Metrix Checker

To check some more quick factors about a website you are working on you can use the FREE Moz bar, it will show some basics title, meta title, H1 – H2 Titles as well as some others, we at Y-ise Digital marketing Hamburg see it as a great first indicator of what has to happen on a given website.

Moz SEO Toolbar

Are there broken links on your site? Those will need to be fixed for ranking higher, one of the many ranking factors of search engines is the presence of rather absence of broken links. With Google’s broken link checker, you can easily find out what links are broken, and this makes it easier to fix the problem.

Check my Links

Do you want to see exactly how Google is displaying your Title, link and Meta Title you can use the following handy tool! This tool can help you optimizing how your Google SERP is displayed.

Google Serp Tool 

What are people searching for?

Classical keyword tools aside there are more tools that you can use. The google Keyword planner was originally thought for paid ads, as you can clearly see from the results. Yet the basis for most keyword research it gives a bit of a one-sided view of keyword research. There are more tools for keywords that you should consider for your site.

Answer the Public. A on the surface simple looking tool, converts your (suspected) keywords into a big bunch of questions which are what the public is looking for. You can pick what is relevant for your site and use the questions and answer them on your site.

Answer the Public

Another alternative keyword tool is Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. Try it and you will see it has some good uses. But yet again it reminds us a bit of Google’s Keyword planner. Well seeing is believing, so try it, let us know what you think.


Do you want to know the keywords that are on a site or in Google when you are searching everywhere, the keywords everywhere plugin for Chrome does exactly that.

Keywords Everywhere

SEO Audit tools

There is a bunch of SEO audit tools out there, SEO audit tools are mainly aimed at improving the technical on-site factors. The SEO Audit tools are in many things the same, but also very different, some like Woorank give more explanation on how to improve certain factors, others just state the factors, some focus more on competitor analysis and comparison others are more aimed at improving your website specifically. At Y-ise we use several tools in our analysis in order to get a good insight of what to improve and where the chances lie. We recommend to check out some of these yourself and see which tools you like to work with!

We have used several of the for a while. One of them we particularly liked was Woorank. It can be relatively expensive, but your first scan is for free! On top of that you can get a one-month free trial of the premium package. PDF download and more site scans being the advantages of this tool.

Woorank Auditing Tool

Next to the previously mentioned tool, you can also use SEM Rush, one of the most renown tools in the digital marketing world, the free plan already gives you quite some options to analyse your website and your competition. Pro Plans start at $99 per month which gives you way more options, but off course at a price.  

SEM Rush

We cannot exclude Screaming Frog when we already mentioned SEM Rush. Screaming Frog is an audit tool that you can download, and it has a fully free version. Like the others you are able to check multiple SEO factors with this tool. The tool comes as a software package with zero to no explanation, therefore we consider this a purer data tool. If you want to use this tool efficiently for your site, it would be good to learn what terms in the program mean and how to interpret them.

Screaming Frog Spider

Ever wondered how Search engines see your websites, well there are tools with which you can, one of them is called Browseo. It strips away all the beautiful design you have on your site and makes you see what search engines will see when they come to your website.

Browseo Tool

Analytic Tools

Google Analytics still is one of the most powerful free tools out there. It has grown a lot over the years transforming into “Universal Analytics” at one point. With many integrations and custom settings, it can be a bit daunting for some, yet making it one of the best analytic tools out there. We recommend setting a custom dashboard for the KPI’s that are important to your company and progress. Out of experience most small businesses don’t use analytics because it seems to difficult, but it absolutely does not have to be.

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager, still having a factor that you cannot track directly in your universal analytics script you can implement a Tag for a specific action or conversion and after successful integration it will pop up in Google Analytics just like that.

Google Tag Manager

Heat Mapping Tools

If Heatmapping is your thing, you can try these wonderful tools. It shows where your site visitors are most active on your website. If you gather enough data, you can draw your conclusions from it and optimize your site from there. There are at least two industry standards, Hotjar en Crazy Egg.

Hotjar Heat Mapping Tool

Crazy Egg Heat Mapping Tool

Page Speed tools

Page speed is important in the sense that if your site does not load quickly enough visitors will surf away from your site and will not be very likely to return to it any time soon. Next to it for many search engines your page speed or how optimized your site is, is a ranking factor in itself.

Google has developed a tool for your site speed that gives you a good insight into your page speed as well as it shows you what you can do in order to improve your site speed.

Google Page Speed Insights

Another speed testing tool we like to use at Y-ise is the Pingdom Speed test, this test shows the absolute speed of your website loaded from a server that you can chose depending on what part of the world you are in. It shows improvement points and shows you what part of your site takes which time to load.

Pingdom Speed Test