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Digital marketing services of a very high standard. Service with excellence and a personal touch. This is what we do at Y-ise Digital Marketing. Experience our full repetoir below.


We Can Do all this and more!

Digital marketing can be confusing, but Y-ise will make you see through the forest of possibilities and help you take the wise choice for your situation. Here small grasp of the options that await you

Search Engine Advertising

We advise you on the best strategies in SEA.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Without a good strategy, no gain. We help you to create the winning formula that suits your business.

DIY SEO, with a little help

It is always wise to get a bit of help in your SEO, for those who want to do 90% of the hard work themselves we provide the kickstart kit to get them going on the right track.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, Social Media is becoming a driving force behind the success of many businesses. With our custom sollutions, we will take you to the forefront of the Social Media wave.

Custom Digital Marketing

Custom sollutions for your company are always an option, do not hesitate to ask what Y-ise can do.


Pricing Models For Your Every Need

Here you can find an example of a couple of packages that Y-ise Digital Marketing is currently offering. For the current prices download the price list below!

From Our Founder

Create Your Own Opportunities

Many companies fail because they can not be found easily online. Do not become the next company to undergo this same faith.

Y-ise Digital Marketing is here to help you create your opportunity in the vast online market. We will navigate you towards success with expertise and service.

No matter in which branch, if you are selling massage chairs online or are a real estate agent.


Try the Y-ise Process

Research & Analysis

Prior to starting improving your presence online some research is usually required to get insight into the situation. The research can mean the difference between success and failure. We will analyse your site according to various criteria.

Roadmap planning

After the analysis is complete we can start planning which areas we are going to touch. This in turn will lead us to the creation of a roadmap for the execution of the plan. We will according to your wishes employ the roadmap and

“Get the show on the road”

Execute & Monitor

After the road map execution and monitoring is the next step. Monitoring is a crucial process in digital marketing, which often leads to the discovery of new areas to develop in and new oportunities being found for a company.

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