Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Every business has been there, your site looks great yet there is a lack of visitors. And for that a lack of customers. You have tried your expensive agencies, buying mailing lists or even worse black hat techniques. In the end nothing works, so it seems. Why? Because you can’t rush SEO.

There are some very clear techniques, moreover strategies that will work in ranking your page for search engines. This process is called SEO, if you want to drive more traffic there needs to be some effort involved.

Have no worries Y-ise Digital Marketing is here to help with your online marketing strategy. We understand what business and marketing is about, we will help to form a clear strategy, with clear tactics aimed at reaching your specific goals.


Marketing can be overwhelming, luckily for you there are options!

Search Engine Optimization

How to make google love your webiste? SEO is the answer, no good SEO, no love from the big G!

What does SEO do ?

Optimizing your website for search engines has many different aspects, but we must never forget that you are not only optimizing for the robots, you are in the end optimizing for your visitors and customers and potential customers.

Search engine optimization comprises of many factors, some you might have heard of and some you might not. At Y-ise we always start with an intake which is for free. In order to serve your best interest we want to start out with what your goals are, what the current status is, what your budget is as well as what platform you are running on, which contact persons Y-ise has to cooperate with and what is going to be dealt with internally. Moreover budget as well as timespan are important factors.

Purely SEO can work very well, but a SEO strategy that fits your actual physical business is even better. For example: if you are a hairdresser in Hamburg Eimsbüttel, you want to draw more customers to your salon. Why not set up a “click and mortar” campaign, where the customers that already visit your salon can get a coupon for a discount for them and a friend if they redeem a code online: The benefits are that 1 you potentially double your customers 2 you get website visits and 3 you get online conversions. This is just one example of many that could apply to your business.

 We always strive to set up a long term strategy, even if you only need the help of Y-ise Digital Marketing for a short period of time, SEO is not a sprint it is a marathon. Within technical SEO we can off course optimize some on page factors that will stay the same over the next couple of years, but more important factors need constant change, your backlinks, your titles, indexing and optimization of fresh content, your blog posts, social media and so on.

There are no secrets, no special sauce, no magic, Y-ise is always doing its best to be as transparent as possible. We use methods, not tricks to get your online marketing forward.

We do not buy links, mailing lists or engage in other black hat techniques. We only use honest white hat techniques, no quick wins and quick losses, but sustainable digital marketing that lasts.

Copywriting & Strategy

What text do you need to attract the right crowd, when and where does it need to be placed? 

Why is copywriting important?

Nobody wants to read a boring, irrelevant and repetitive text. For these reasons alone Copywriting is important. What every company large or small should be wanting to do is providing very relevant, entertaining and/or accurate information in the right way. This makes visitors stay on your website for longer, increase the chance that they buy something, increase the chance that other websites want to link to you or create a so called backlink to your site. Why backlinks are important? Because they give your domain more authority which translates indirectly into a better ranking.

With copy writing comes keyword research. Keywords are important because these are the words or phrases that your website wants to rank for in search engines. When a copy does not include keywords it is not a very good copy. Finding out what keywords to find can be a tedious process, some words have too much competition or are too general for what you are offering. In other cases keyword research can be really simple, maybe your company operates in a very niche market, with low competition keywords. Or you have an innovative new product.

With over 6 years of experience Y-ise Digital Marketing can provide texts in Dutch, German, English and Spanish. German and Spanish copy will be made in close collaboration with your native speakers.

For Spanish texts we would want to know the exact market (Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and so on) which it will be used for so that we can create texts that are seamlessly adjusted to the native population.

For German texts we would want to know the region, country and level of formality so that we can adjust the tone and usage of words to the exact target group.

* The pricing will be determined by length complexity and urgency. Note that we prefer always to do at lease a preliminary keyword research with a keyword advice before starting on any copy text!


Need help with wordpress or do you want a wordpress site? Having a 500 error or is your site hacked?

Working with wordpress?

WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites with a CMS or content management system out there. It gives great flexibility and the least amount of technical knowledge is required to successfully work with it. 

Do you still need any help, is it with plugins, updates or setting up your Webshop with WooCommerce. We can help on a variety of WordPress topics.

Y-ise offers different services when it comes to WordPress. For one we offer Error 500 repair. When your website is down with a 500 error it can be as simple as a plugin causing the crash, but the reasons can also be more complex. 

Is your WordPress website hacked? For that Y-ise Digital Marketing offers a no cure no pay “Un-Hacking” service. We know that 95% of the time we will be successful in repairing your site and have it up and running in no time.  

Brand Design & Strategy

Design is the stunning visual identity of your company, it can make or break a business. In need of a design

Marketign and Brand Design

We cannot see design totally separate from Online Marketing. User Experience goes a long way in converting prospects into customers. Today almost everything is designed, from advertisements, to the very button you just clicked on to read this learn more piece. 

At Y-ise we work together with professional design partners in order to provide the best design for your needs. 

We can do: 

  • Branding
  • House style 
  • Websites
  • Business cards
  • Advertisements 

And many more, just ask us.


Workshops & Training

Y-ise can offer staff trainings or workshops in Digital Marketing. Available Soon!

What SEO Workshops are offered?

Trainings and workshops will dive directly into one of the following topics:

  • The basics of Online Marketing
  • On-Off Page Marketing
  • The basics of Backlinks
  • Starting with Keyword research
  • Mistakes in SEO and how to avoid them.
  • Social Media Management + The Social Media Calender
  • The basics of WordPress
  • Handling the Divi Theme and Builder (WordPress)
  • The importance of Web Security
  • Customer service and why it is important

*Trainings/Workshops are only available English spoken.




Search Engine Advertising

If you have a budget for promoting a product or service Y-ise has the qualifications for helping out.

Why Search Engine Advertising?

SEA or PPC (Pay per click) advertisement is a way to drive specific products or services on your website. for some branches it is the main way to sell to you. 

There are many different ways of online advertisement. Video ads like the ones you see in YouTube, banner ads like the ones you see in news websites, there are also the standard Google Ads that you see in the top and bottom of your page when you are browsing, next to that there are Google shopping ads which are the products that are offered with picture if you search for something. 

The world of ads is becoming very diverse, there are different ways to advertise almost anything under the sun. Main problem, ads are becoming more intrusive and less relevant because of wrong marketing strategies. If you want to avoid this mistake ask yourself, what channel is the right one to advertise, and where can my add be as relevant as possible. This will already drastically increase the chance that your public will buy the product or service that you offer.

For further expertise and help in online advertisement you can contact us all. We can help to set up an advertisement plan, give you our best advice or create and monitor advertisement campaigns for you.

Social Media Management

Does your business need a social media calendar? Are your posts engaging the right crowd? 

What is important in social media?

At Y-ise we have learnt that building even the simplest of Social Media Calendars in order to plan for Social Media is a great relieve for companies. They know what to do, when to do it and how the social world works. This is off course not the only thing that has to be done. Spontaneous posts can be implemented on the fly, but having a guideline certainly helps.

A strategy for your social media is very important, when you post what and where can already make a world of difference. Now let’s thing about what makes your social media approach unique? What makes those visitors come back to your Social Media channel and buy your product, come to your store, time and time again?  

Y-ise Digital Marketing can help with social media management as well as the automation of your social media. You will still need to create engaging and relevant content, but you can plan ahead a bit further.

Website Development

Development of a new website or new features. Everything on or around your website.

Developing your website

We cannot see design totally separate from Online Marketing. User Experience goes a long way in converting prospects into customers. Today almost everything is designed, from advertisements, to the very button you just clicked on to read this learn more piece. 

At Y-ise we work together with professional design partners in order to provide the best design for your needs. 

We can do: 

  • Branding
  • House style 
  • Websites
  • Business cards
  • Advertisements 

And many more, just ask us.



Website Security

Are your employees using 123 as a password. Has your site been hacked. Y-ise can help!

Why is website security important?

There was a problem? or you want to avoid problems in the future, hacking has been on the rise since the early days of the internet. And there is an attack every 39 seconds!  And of WordPress websites, 98% of vulnerabilities are because of plugins.

If these statistics are not enough, still in 2019 we are seeing websites with birth dates or names of wives and children as their password. Many of these websites are hacked very easily, but protection is easy too. With a couple of tips and tricks as a small company or as a solo-preneur you can get pretty far. Human error is most likely to be the cause of a hack or a poorly protected website. 

Thinking of things like 2 factor authentication might be a solution for logging in safely to a website and combined with that a login attempt limitation. These measures are relatively easy to implement and make your site already so much more secure. 


Measure your success, and analyse your data. Setting up dashboards with your KPI’s and more.

What can I do with (Google) Analytics?

Because of the internet we can measure data more accurate than ever before. Now this might not come to you as something new. We can measure so many things nowadays that it seems a bit overwhelming at times. Our advice, measure the things that you need to know in order to fulfil your goals. Measure the metrics that are important on your road to success. 

For this reason we tend to set up a measurement plan, which metrics do we need to measure and which other ones are irrelevant to your business. 

Dashboards, are this crisp first overview over your data that you get when you start up your analytics program or service. We recommend customizing your dashboard to your needs. 

We help setting up an accurate measurement plan, create your dashboard and help to analyse your data. 

It might surprise you that in this data driven world many companies still overlook data and go with vanity metrics only to measure the success of their company.

Visitor growth for example, yes visitors are very important for most websites, but what is more important is how those visitors interact with your website. Are they just seeing your first page and “bounce” or are they more interested and look deeper into your website. Do they actually make a purchase or request your catalogue? These actions are called conversions and the conversion rate, the rate of visitors vs conversions is perhaps a better indicator of how your website or business is doing. So it makes sense to analyse that data rather than the lump sum of visitors to your website.

Email Marketing

Already having people genuinely interested? Now it is time for customer retention a means is Email.

The added value of Email marketing

When there are already people interested in your business, they might want to subscribe to your newsletter or maybe you can give the final nudge by giving them a freebee or a discount for signing up, or “only for newsletter subscribers”. 

Look at any professional and even amateur YouTube channel nowadays, in many video’s you are asked to subscribe and with good reason, customer retention. With the short attention span of relatively big groups of the population nowadays marketers need to remind the people that are interested now and then. 

 A newsletter with the greatest and latest about your business can do the trick. Also a newsletter can fulfil different roles within the company, it can be used to inform people about the latest new products or services. It can be used as an extension of your advertisement tool. But it can also be used in a more long term strategy to create ambassadors of your brand. Ambassadors are not only fans, they speak and breathe your brand and will in most cases even defend it if need be. 

A newsletter or mailing campaign can also be used to inform your customers that there is a new blog post. Something they would not have been reading if it was not for the reminder. 

Even when it seems like a lot of work, many processes can be automated with the right software/Tools. Y-ise Digital Marketing will be able to create a Email strategy that will fit seamlessly into your business.

Do it yourself SEO

If you have the time and the resources with a little help of Y-ise you might be able to do your own SEO.

Can I do SEO myself ?

In short, yes you can! whether it is adjusting the H1-H6 Titles, creating/requesting backlinks or making sitemaps or robots.txt files. For all of this and more you can check out our brand new DIY section as well as our premium DIY SEO tutorials.

We can be your partner, so you are always safeif for whatever reason you cannot figure some things out on your own. 

If you are stuck at any point or still need help, Y-ise is there for any SEO Advice.

Get in touch.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you swiftly!

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