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Monitoring Growt

Have you thought about Google Analytics but it seems all a bit too complicated? That is a shame, as the proper use of analytics can help you taking the right decisions for your business.  What Facebook Ad does best? Or does Instagram do better? Should I invest more in AdWords or in Facebook? Is my ad converting well? 

All of these and more you can see with analytics, (un)fortunately this is not used as it should by many small and medium sized businesses. 


Installing Analytics

Is it not very complicated to install Google Analytics and don’t we need to comply to many privacy laws? Short answer, no it is not at all easy to install Google Analytics, if anything it is easy and a privacy policy and so on are easily adapted with today’s modern tools. In many cases you don’t even need a lawyer to adjust the GDPR.

With Analytics you can take the right decisions about your business, no guessing or gut feeling involved. At Y-ise we strive for a data driven approach to our work, it makes decision making straight forward and you can be assured that your decision is the correct one. For this it is important to know your KPI’s or key point indicators, the factors that are driving your business. If we were just to take every metric, a combination of random metrics or any random metric into analysis we would still not come up with a good result. Therefore we can help you selecting the right metrics to measure and the right reports to run. Making your life easier. 

Installing Tag Manager

If there are specific metrics that you would like to measure on a website, for example the conversion of a specific “thank you” page (the page the user lands on after they buy something) you can install a Tag from the Google Tag-Manager to measure this and the metric that you like to measure. This makes sure it will pop up in your Google analytics and thus making your life easier. If you need any help in Analytics related topics don’t be afraid to write or call us, we can advise you on the best course of action.