SEA Services
Advertising for growth

SEA stands for search engine advertising. If youw ant to promote certain products of services of your business than this is the way to go. Search Engine Advertisement has become more complex over the years in terms of parameters that you can set. This has made it possible to very precisely target your audience. Though the basic principles of SEA have stayed the same, the ad is displayed and a user clicks on the ad to get to the advertised product and decides if he or she wants to buy it or not

SEA can be an  important for your business. See Amazon or Ebay they have become big in SEA.

SEA Services / Google Ads Campaign

Advertising in Google can help your business forward, but only with a good strategy, what do you want to advertise, what is important and what is your budget. Y-ise Digital Marketing will always have an intake conversation before starting with search engine advertisement campaigns, this to ensure both expert and customer are in full coherence with the possibilities and the goals of the campaign. A Google Ads Campaign Additionally will need to come with a Keyword Research.

For Advertising on Social Media take a look at our Social Media services such as Instagram Advertising or Facebook advertising.

SEA Services / Retainer

Search engine advertising is a never-ending process in order for your campaign to run smoothly and stay on top of your competitors Y-ise would advise a SEA retainer. When Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook or Instagram. A SEA retainer always counts for one service, so either Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook or Instagram

SEA Retainer Gold

The all in one SEA care package for your site
  • Proactively updating your Campaign
  • keyword suggestions
  • SEA Strategy
  • New keyword implementation
  • Extended Monthly report
  • For Google Ads Accounts up to 20 Ads and  +- 300 keywords