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A website gets hacked, why let it be yours? With the digital development of the lnternet since 1993 also comes the added development of hacking and hacking methods. Many websites are vunerable and even those that we think were not sometimes are. We have all heard of the Facebook Hack in 2019 due to poor security. 

With relatively simple steps you can insure that your site is safer than many sites out there, excluding a hack you can never fully.

Security Services

Y-ise specialises in securing wehbsites with 2 factor authentication as well as a good firewall and a SQL injection guard. 2 factor authentication means that for login into a website you need a password and a second secure key for logging in. This second key usually is a push message from your smartphone or a code sent to your phone or e-mail before logging in. This insures that even when a hacker has obtained your password they still need the second authentication. This dramatically decreases the risk of being hacked. Off course due to human error or insecure ways of using 2 factor authentication it can still be unsafe. therefore the right implementation of such measures as well as the correct use is key.

SQL injection is a popular method of hacking a WordPress website, relatively hard to counter and can have devistating results for your website. The hacker will try to place a piece of SQL code on your website or “Inject” it into your site. This often is an automized process and in many occasions uses the vunerabilities of Plugins in wordpress or in the WordPress core. This is exactly why it is important to always update your WordPress Plugin and Core for which you can see our WordPress Services. Automatic updates of many plugins have another drawback which is that you can end up with a “500 error” which will display your site as a blank website. 

What happens when you are a victem of a SQL injection can vary in some cases your site will be redirecting to spammy sales sites in other cases the hacker can fully take over the website and wipe it completely. In yet other cases the hacker can be seeing to steal creditcard information or is out for identity theft. Hence why it is important your website is secure against such attacks.

In the case of WordPress a good Firewall such as Wordfence is half of the work already. Yet you are not there by just installing it, there is dozens of settings that can make your website even more secure. For example making sure that you are limiting login attempts is one way to take some of the fun out of the game for hackers. Many of which will use robots or “bots” in digital language for trying to hack your site, these bots most probably start a programmed “brute force hack”. A brute force hack is a hacking method where a individual hacker or more likely a bot will try as many name password combinations as possible until the target is finally hacked. By limiting login attempts per IP adress and user you can already reduce the risk of such hacks being succesfull significantly. Moreover excluding the use of standard names and passwords is one of the easiest measures you can take now, today without even having to install special software.

For a better understanding of securing your website we offer a consulting session with practical tips to make your site and the use of it more secure. Moreover we implement firewalls and 2FA for our customers. Has your site been hacked before or are you concerned about the safety of your webstie don’t hesitate to contact us.