Social Media 

Creating your community 

What can a Digital Marketing agency mean for your Social Media?

Short question, short answer: We take care of everything! The first step, of course, involves the creation of your company profile or your business page on Facebook, Instagram, Xing, YouTube Linkedin and so on.

After this we develop a content strategy and content calendar that suits you and your company exactly. This means that we think carefully about how best to present your advertising messages to your target group as well as on what time of day, week, month to present your message.

Social Media Services

The strategy and social media calendar, in turn, are the foundation for creating content. The bandwidth ranges from interactive contributions for your community to the long-term marketing campaign on multiple channels. Of course, to create posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels you need material. It all depends on whether you own photos, graphics and videos, or whether we should create this for you. We love use our photography and video skills on a picture hunt with you.

Next we use professional tools in order to create animations and edit all creatives to the correct file size and formats to be used on your social media channels and specific posts. Let’s build your social media profiles together! 


How much does instagram and facebook advertisement cost?

In social network it works as follows, the more you invest the greater your reach is, the bigger the chance of a potential conversion like a subscription to your newsletter or a potential sale are. What you spend is 100% dictated by what you want to spend. We are completely aimed towards getting the most out of your budget. We specialize in small and medium-sized businesses and know that the money can be tight.

This is why we do not “spray and pray” but we use a methodical approach pinpointing your target group and always try to get the most out of every € you spend. For the same reasons we offer our work at an absolutely fair price, with no hidden agendas and adapted to your specific needs. Just arrange a free and non-binding consultation let us convince you and we will make you a great offer. 


Is there a guarantee of succes for advertising on Instagram or Facebook?

Of course not! As with any advertising, you never know 100% at the beginning, which comes at the end. Although there are now very good and effective tools to measure success in the form of clicks, visits, conversions and sales in campaigns – this is where we need to be frank, there is no 100% guarantee for success, yet there is a pretty good chance for more sales or new customers. However, as it is with doing business, it is always a risk. Your public image, perceived quality of your product or service and more factors will always play a role.
Yet unlike mass media such as newspaper or flyers you can now trace directly what group with which interest, in what exact age group, and other demographics are most likely to buy your product or services.

What is it that you as a digital marketing agency do in social media?

We create content, we do not copy our competitors directly. Fresh and Great content are the corner stone to our and your success. Among our repertoire are animations, memes, pictures, texts, video’s, infographics and many more. We deliver skilled labour at multiple levels. We write texts in languages ranging from German, Dutch, Spanish, English to Korean and Mandarin Chinese.

Do you do this all on your own? Not exactly, we work with our professional partners which are all experts in their field, giving us the guarantee and confidence that every deliverable is of the best quality. For this reason, besides spell checking software we work with double checking texts by a different individual to cancel out “tunnel vision” and overlooking personal mistakes. 

Should I only advertise on Social Media?

Of course, you can choose for a one-sided approach trying to grow one channel at once, though our experience is different. Nowadays all channels are interlinked and investing in good SEO can drive social and vice versa. We advise strongly in an overall strategy for your site or business. For some businesses it might be the right thing to just advertise on Social Media, but often it is not. Let us advise you in how to go about this dilemma. We will build a great strategy together.