WordPress service 

Your CSM well kept!

Who has not heard of WordPress it is after all the most used CMS or content management system in the world.

We would be not up to par if we could not help you with many things related to wordpress. Let’s have a look what we can do together to make your WordPress website better!

WordPress Website

You would like to have a website but are afraid that maintenance is going to cost you too much? No worries here at Y-ise we build most of our sites in wordpress and with over five years of experience we find that some customers prefere us to maintain and update their websites where others only hire us for the SEO on their websites.

If you would like to have your website built, hesitate no longer, our WordPress Expert and our Designer are there to help. Tell us what you are looking for and we will provide you with a customized offer fulfilling even the most demanding needs! From one pager Websites, Yoga Teacher websites and even webshops, we have done it all. 

WordPress Website hacked?

It can happen to the best of us, your website has just been hacked. At Y-ise we have a WordPress “Unhacking” specialist on board. We are soo confident about the ability to get your site back into your hands that we offer the WordPress Website Unhacking service under “No cure no pay” terms. If we are unsuccesfull in restoring your website you do not pay for the service.  In many cases hackers try to plant a small piece of SQL code on your website and this wil then link your website to which ever website they desire this is called a SQL injection, once succesfull you will not be able to log in to your site making you feel like you are not in control anymore. A good security plan and Website Security can deter such attacks. This service we are also able to provide most of the times outside regular office hours. WordPress website hacked, what now? You ask yourself, call Y-ise Digital Marketing. Most of the time we will be able to fix this problem the same day!

WordPress 500 error?

Something went wrong and now your WordPress Page is only showing a 500 Error when you try to visit it? Do not worry this is one of the most common errors in WordPress and most of the time caused by a plugin in which case disabling this plugin can help. If it does not however you can always contact Y-ise Digital Marketing, we can help to fix this for a fair price

WordPress Updates?

WordPress Plugins are generally very easy to update, just like the WordPress Core. Do you still feel hesitant? We have experts in WordPress which can either help you from distance or update a wordpress site by them selves in a safe and responsible way. If Automated Updates are not for you then we can offer weekly or monthly updates, in this way you are sure you are safe from the most recent vunerabilities as well as always up to dat with the greatest and latest of WordPress.