Lost days recovering?

Keep calm and backup

Yves van Boxtel, Y-ise Online Marketing, Hamburg, Germany

2 September 2016

As an entrepreneur making your money with your services and computer there is no worse nightmare than losing it all. Since the dawn of the digital age I have been in IT and have learned that nothing is more important than backing up your files, because stuff does go wrong. Just like in life.

“You take a crash, you get back up and next time you succeed and that’s a great feeling.” Shaun White

How do you get up as quick as possible? That you are going to find out…What do you do when your computer burns down or your customers websites are destroyed completely? I had the honour of having both experiences this week. The reason why is often hard to point out, this can happen even if you do everything right. So are you going to be back online in a matter of minutes or is it going to cost you days? To help you on your way my top tips and tools for getting back on track quickly.

Failing In online marketing?

Crashing? How fast
Can you get back up?

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Qsync , Dropbox, a cloud/NAS technique.

If you are having a qnap NAS try to get the fullest potential out of it. Create your own cloud with Qsync and work from there. You will have a copy on any computer connected and on the server. So if your computer gets burned down, stolen, or just gets into contact with your favourite beverage you get a new one/your backup one and keep going.  As an alternative use dropbox. Top tip here is to also place the data files from your mail (for example your outlook ost or pst file) on your external source and connect them there, to never lose them.



There are a lot of backup tools for wordpress out there, with a lot of them though you will still have to do tricky stuff in databases and fumble around in the settings, with WP-all-in-one-migrate this is a thing of the past, schedule your backups with the paid version, download it manually whenever you’ve made changes to your site. The beauty of this application is that in the worst case scenario you just download the plugin in a clean wordpress install, upload your backup and you are done. Don’t believe it, try it!

This particular plugin has saved me several times from disaster, as well as my customers. One occasion I was having a Friday evening drink with my friends when a customer called me that his website was down/broken. I went home, restored his site and went back to my friends within the hour.

Keep a backup computer ready, even if it is an old one. Something is better than nothing, especially if you are making your money off it. I have a pre-set old pc ready all the time. It is slow, but hey at least I can keep making money.


So your computer died or your have to configure your back up PC. Save loads of time with an installer like Ninite. Go to www.ninite.com and select all the basic applications you need to start your work. Install in one go and your basics are done. This includes several browsers, development tools, rar tools, skype and so on. When I was still in IT I used this a lot, in order to save time.


Use a backup tablet, which can still do your basic online maintenance functions. Easy to pack, light, perfect for on the go. Never disappoint your customers.


Make sure your phone/tablets does make backups, preferably set these at night when you are not using them. This way you make sure that whenever something happens to them. You have lost nothing at all.


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Off course you don’t want others to find out about them, but find a way to safely store your passwords. Working in IT, asking around for other people’s lost passwords made me a lot of money. People do forget these, and when they have to enter them again there is most of the time no backup. Keep them up to date, safe and somewhere where YOU can find and access them.

In the end you can off course prepare all you want, and things might still turn out wrong, but most of the time you will still being able to continue working. You might have some small discomforts as backup techniques are not 100{0012e5e21ed42aae3135b010b12ad66c8f09dc9c63fff72ce5baece54ac56c8d} perfect yet, but at least you can keep working.